Jet2 Check-In Service

Are you experiencing Jet2 check-in problems, Can’t print your Jet2 boarding pass,? Worry not, our Jet2 check-in service takes care of the whole process for you. There are plenty of reasons why your Jet2 check-in is not working and trust us when we say we have dealt with most-so you need not worry about facing expensive penalties at the Airport. Our Jet2 online check-in help service removes the need to find internet cafes whilst away to check in for your return flight.

If you are having trouble with your check-in or can’t print out your boarding passes then let Check in pal take care of it for you. Our service includes adding your API, selecting your Jet2 allocated seating and puts both your outbound and return boarding passes in your hands before you travel. Our service operates 24 hours a day all year round, providing a sound piece of mind that you are checked in correctly with Jet2, removing unnecessary worry.


Although Airport check in has become an easier task these days with served kiosks and dedicated personnel yet it still remains to be a time consuming process with multiple security, baggage and identification formalities that a traveler has to go through. Also, if you wish to make some changes in your basic details than God save you as it may take another hour for you to check in successfully. Thus, most people reach the airport really early to fulfil the check in formalities.

Ryanair check in

Ryanair check in

Jet2, one of the pioneer in the low fare airlines has come up with the online check in facilities that can save a lot of time for its flyers as they do not have to wait in long queues at the airport and can go for the hassle free check in if they have an online ticket and less amount of luggage (hand luggage only).Most people who choose for airport check in for Jet2 during ticket booking are asked to directly go towards the check in area assigned for Jet2 check in according to your flight number. You can follow the regular check in and security procedures from here onwards to reach your flight.




If you have although opted for the check in online facility, you can check in about 28 days up to 5 hours earlier that your departure time. Such travellers need to carry a print of their boarding pass and thus they can simply proceed towards the check-in area and check in their hold baggage and proceed forward.




The passengers can visit the check-in desks 40 minutes prior to the flight’s scheduled departure time. The passengers carrying hand baggage only need to check in at the kiosk and can proceed directly towards the airport security along with their boarding pass.
Thus this service from has made obtaining a Jet2 boarding pass much easier.