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Do you need Ryanair online check in ? , experiencing printing issues and can’t print your Easy jet boarding pass? Let us do it for you.Did you know that it is now mandatory to check in online when flying with Easyjet? Passengers flying with Easyjet are required to check in online and to print off or download their boarding pass prior to arriving at the Airport.



Easyjet check-in This process is fairly simple for passengers to complete by themselves if they are in possession of a computer or smart phone, printer and internet access. For those of you who are not so fortunate to have access to such devices, there’s always Check in pal. We take care of your Easyjet check-in, providing help and support for passengers who can’t or are unsure of how to complete the Easyjet check-in process.

Ryanair online check in Our check-in and boarding pass delivery service removes the stresses and strains of having to search tirelessly for internet cafes to check in online. Check in pal will add all of your advance passenger information, select your allocated seating, add luggage and finally, check you in. For those of you who don’t have a printer and can’t print your Easyjet boarding pass, we will send it to you by post. If you have access to a printer at home or work, we can simply email or fax your boarding passes.Our service has been welcomed by many, who continue to return several times a year for the sound piece of mind in which we provide.

Useful information has also been provided in this article to help you with your online check in.

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Your Easyjet boarding pass must be printed on A4 size paper. Black and white or colour copy is fine.Your boarding pass contains a wealth of information in regards to your flight reservation. Your Easyjet flight times, destination, terminal, luggage allowance and allocated seat number.
If you are travelling without hold luggage then simply go straight through to departures. You do not need to visit the Easyjet check-in desk.Where luggage is indicated on your boarding pass, you will need to check this in at the desk, where a luggage lable will be produced. Your suitcase will also be weighed to ensure that you meet the luggage allowance purchased for your journey. 20 kg is the standard hold luggage allowance.

For more information and support, please contact us and have youe Easyjet reservation number and passport details to hand.

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