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Do you require assistance to check in or to amend your flight booking? are here to help customers struggling to check in or amend their flight bookings.

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Customer Testimonials

It's a miracle!!  Thousand thanks.

Josie Barrett 22/09/2015


"Thank you so much for all your help with this boarding pass. I shall spread the word... I can now relax and start looking forward to my holiday."

"A big thankyou from both of us to check in pal for all your assistance with our travel arrangements. Truly Grateful"
Shirley & LeeAnn

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Jet2 check in, boarding pass, seating and luggage F.A.Q'S.

Online check-in FAQ's Jet2 correct as of the 14/11/13 information has been provided for your guidance only and was correct at the time of writing.

How do i check-in online with Jet2 and where can i get help to check-in?

With Jet2 you can check-in from 28 days up to 5 hours prior to your scheduled Jet2 flight departure time.

As Jet2 charge a boarding pass re-issue penalty of £17.50 pp per boarding pass it is a very costly mistake to make if your not entirely sure how to check-in, are unable to check-in or simply forget! Check-in pal will ensure you are never in this position, as we offer a check-in service. Simply request a call back and tell us your travel dates.We then store your future travel dates and check you in on your behalf, when the check-in window facility becomes available with your Airline.We even send you all the relevant travel documents and your boarding  pass too by the following options: (u.k, overseas):

  • Text (pdf image)
  • Post
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Airport delivery

Our check-in service starts from only £3.99pp one way.

Click here for more details or to request a call back...

Alternatively you can check-in online via the Jet2 website direct .

I am travelling for more than 28 days and flying with Jet2. How do i check in for my return flight?

Simple! The solution is to use Check-in pal. Tell us your future travel dates via our website or by text before you travel or whilst on the go!. We will store your future travel dates ensuring you are checked in for your return Jet2 flight. We send you your travel documents, boarding pass via your preferred delivery method. Select from Text message, post uk-international, fax uk- international,  email, Airport collection.

We also offer an emergency check-in service,  covering out of hours, ensuring a call back is made within minutes. Providing you with your boarding pass quickly.

Our check-in service starts from only £3.99 pp one way.

Request a call back now...

When can I check in online with Jet2?

Passengers travelling with jet2 can take advantage of the online check in facility from 28 days up to 5 hours prior to their flight departure time. Checkinpal can take care of your whole check-in for you? We even take care of all of your travel documents too. Our service starts from only £3.99 pp one way and we offer a free call back facility. Simply tell us your travel dates and how and where you would like to receive your boarding pass ( UK or overseas)

I can't print my boarding pass, what can I do?

At check-in pal we can check you in using our check- in service (please see above).

We also offer a re-issue boarding pass service from only £2.99.pp per boarding pass. Our fee compares very well with Jet2's  re-issue fee as they currently charge £17.50 pp per boarding pass via their contact centre or at the Airport.So whether you are overseas or in the U.K we have delivery options to get your travel documents to you fast. To view our options please see above.

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Can I make changes to my Jet2 booking once I have made the booking?

You can make a date, Name, time change to your booking if availability is available at the time of change subject to their fees detailed below.

Be aware that you can not make changes once you have checked in online already.

Changes can be made up to 5 hours prior to your scheduled Jet 2 flight departure time.

Check-in pal have a booking amendments service please see below.

Click here to request a call back..

How do I change the date,time or name of my Jet2 booking?

Check-in pal has a booking amendment service. Simply request a call backand our agents will do the rest.

We make all type of booking amendments to include:

  • Flights
  • Name (name change with Jet2 can only be done directly with their call centre)
  • Time
  • Airport transfers
  • Car hire
  • seating arrangements
  • Baggage
  • in-flight meals

These are just a few of our changes that we offer. Our amendment fees start from as little as £1.99 pp one way + Airline fees. We also provide you with all of your relevant travel boarding cards to reflect your changes.

Click here for for more information...

How much does a change to my Jet2 booking cost?

Currently Jet2 charges an admin  fee of £35/45eur per person per one way flight to make a Name, date or timing change. In addition to this fee you will be required  to pay the price difference if there is an increase  in your fare, taxes, fees and charges at the time you are making the change.

Further costs to bear in mind are of course the card payment fees.The overall percentage is determined by the card type as follows:

Credit card 4% fee

Paypal 2% fee

Check-in pal can provide you with a check-in service and or a booking amendments service, (see above) Our service saves you  time and money  by ensuring  your amendments are made correctly  avoiding you facing costly Airline penalties at the Airport.We even take care of your new travel/boarding cards for you and send them via our sending options globally.

Our amendment  fees start from just £1.99pp one way + Airline fees

Click here to see how we can assist you with your booking amendment...

I have already checked in online, can I add extras to my existing booking?

Yes, this can be done via manage my booking on Jet2 website direct.

Extras include adding in-flight entertainment and meals which can be added up to 96 hours prior to your scheduled Jet2 flight departure time.

Alternatively we have an amendment  service.Why not let Check-in pal take care of your extras requirements from only £0.99p pp one way? (see above)

Click here for more details...

How much can my hold,checked in baggage weigh with Jet2?

The standard weight for hold luggage with Jet2 is currently 22kg

Each passenger can check in up to 3× 22kg bags

No single bag can weigh more  than 32 kg

Check-in pal can deal with your baggage requirements for you by adding baggage to your booking on your behalf.We offer a baggage service at a small fee of only £3.99 per bag one way + Airline fee or £1.99 per bag one way when combined with our check in service.

We even send you your new travel documents to reflect all new changes.

Click here for more details...

How much does it cost to add hold/checked in baggage with Jet2?

Hold baggage is currently priced from £8 online. (discounted rate) with Jet2.

Check-in pal offer a baggage service at a fee of only £3.99 + Airline fee, per bag one way . This small arrangement fee esures that our experts deal with your baggage requirements and amend your booking on your behalf. We can even send you your new boarding pass to reflect your changes with your Airline.

Check-in pals total cost per bag one way including our fee is from £11.99 per bag one way, compared to that of £45 with Jet2 check-in desk or at the Airport or via their call centre.

Request a free call back now to add a here

Hold baggage not pre booked online and checked in direct via Jet2 call centre check-in desk is charged at £45 per item plus any excess charges where applicable.

How much is sports equipment such as golf clubs and skiing equipment to take on a Jet2 flight?

Sports equipment  can  weigh up to 20 kg and are charged at £30 per flight

Check-in pal can arrange your sporting baggage requirements on your behalf for a small fee of only £3.99 per bag per flight plus Jet2 fee of £30.

We can even send you your new boarding card( uk or overseas)


  • Text
  • e-mail
  • Fax
  • post
  • Airport delivery

Click here for more details....

*For larger items contact Jet2 directly.

How much is excess baggage with Jet2?

Excess baggage with Jet2 is charged at £12 per kg

At this price be sure to check your baggage weight before arriving at the Airport as this is charged each way. If in doubt, simply get Check-in pal to add a bag for you for as little of £11.99 (includes our fee of £3.99 per bag each way) It's the safest option and provides you with a huge additional 22kg.

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How many pieces of hand luggage can I take onboard a Jet2 flight and how much can this weigh?

Current weight allowance is 10 kg

Max dimensions  are 56×45×25 cm

One piece of hand luggage is allowed onboard a Jet2 flight per passenger

Any baggage outside these dimensions will be treated as hold baggage and subject to a £45 fee. Dont chance it! Simply get check-in pal to add a bag to your booking from £11.99 ( includes our fee) per bag one way. This provides you with an additional 22 kg weight allowance.

Request a call back from check-in pal now...

I need to take some infant equipment such as a pushchair/buggy, car seat whith Jet2 what is Jet 2 policy?

Infant equipment can weigh up to a maximum of 10kg whether individual or combined with another infant item. This 10kg weight can be carried free of charge any excess weight will be subject to the excess baggage charge which is currently £12 per kg.

There must be an infant on the booking.

How can I ensure that all my travelling party will be sat together onboard my Jet2 flight?

The only way is to pre select your seating online and by paying the appropriate Jet2 fee. Prices vary dependant  on where you choose to sit on the Aircraft, route and are subject to availability.

Check in pal can arrange your seating plan for you for a small fee of only £0.99 pp one way + Jet2 fee.

Click here for details on our designated seating service...

Remember that  Jet2 operate  a first  come-first served seating policy. If you haven't  pre-booked, now is the time or ensure you arrive at the Airport  in good  time to avoid  disappointment.

Can i book extra leg room on Jet2 flights?

Yes, generally  located towards the front of the aircraft and alongside wing exits. You are able to book  online  for a discounted rate. Requests at check in desks are significantly more expensive  and do vary depending on your flight.

If selected on emergency exits the passenger  must  be able-bodied and age 16 +

Did you know  that Check-in pal can arrange your designated or extra leg room seating arrangements for you from only £0.99p per person one way + Jet2 Airline fee.

Click here for more information on our seating arrangement service...

Can a seat change be done once a i have already made my booking?

Yes, relevant seat charges with Jet2 will apply.

However if you have already checked in online, sadly no further seat changes can be made. For assistance on all of your seating arrangements request a call back and Check-in pal can assist you. We provide a seating arrangement service and even provide you with all the relevant boarding passes/cards you require from as little as £0.99p per person one way + Jet2 appropriate  fee.

Click  here  for  more  details ...

I have no printing facilities and cant print out my boarding pass

Simply tell Check-in Pal your travel dates, and we will check you in and send you your boarding pass to your UK or overseas location, via your selected method of receipt.

Click here to request a call back...

How does Check-in Pal work?

The answer is simple, you tell us your travel dates in advance, we check you in with your airline whilst you are away or if you unable to do it yourself. This eliminates the need for you to search endlessly for an Internet café or printing facility and prevents you worrying about how you are going to check in if you are away for a long period of time and are unable to check in for your return flight. Perhaps you have a relative travelling, and you are concerned about their ability to check in. Check-in Pal also provides additional services such as adding hold baggage, in flight meals, name/flight/date changes, car hire and low cost airport transfers. Check-in Pal also provides an out of hours service where an emergency boarding card, replacement boarding card or amendment is required to save you excessive airline penalties. Simply select which way you wish to receive your boarding pass or documents, whether UK or overseas

When can I expect a call back from Check-in Pal?

Our normal operating hours are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm GMT, and Sat-Sun 10am-6pm GMT. You will receive a call back during our standard operating times once your Airline Check-in or amendment facility becomes available online. If you require Check-in Pal to check you in whilst you are overseas, please ensure that you provide a contact number that you can be reached on. Your call back request is placed in a priority queue determined by the date of your scheduled flight for the best possible service. If the Check in facility is available from the date we receive your request, we aim to call you back the same day, but this may not always be possible. However if you wish to guarantee a same day call back, a call back out of standard hours or an emergency service call back because your flight is in the next 12 hours, then simply select our emergency service, this operates 24hours a day, 7 days a week (additional charges will be incurred for this service). 

How can I receive my boarding pass?

Check-in Pal aims to get your boarding pass to you as quickly as possible. We can send your new documents or boarding pass to anywhere in the world. So whether it’s to your home, or your holiday destination, we have receipt options to suit all.

  • Text message -access your  boarding  pass as a pdf document via your mobile phone anywhere in the world in seconds.
  • Email – access your boarding pass on your computer or phone and print yourself in minutes.
  • Fax –receive your boarding pass anywhere in the world by providing a fax number for us to send it to.
  • Post – have your boarding pass delivered to your home or anywhere else in the world.
  • Airport collection – Check-in Pal can even arrange for someone to meet you at the airport with your boarding pass when you arrive for your flight (Leeds and Bradford only).
How long does it take to receive my boarding pass?

Check-in Pal has different receipt options. Some are quicker than others, so select the option which allows enough time to receive your boarding pass prior to your scheduled flight time and date to suit your situation.

  • Text message-once we have spoken to you your boarding pass takes a matter of minutes until you receive a text containing a pdf image of your boarding pass
  • Post – 24hrs – 72hrs (Global). Next day guarantee option (UK).
  • Email – Documents and boarding passes can be received within minute (UK and overseas).
  • Fax – Documents and boarding passes can be received within minutes (UK and overseas).
  • Airport collection – our advisor will meet you and deliver your travel documents by hand at the airport when you arrive, guaranteeing you receive them in time.
  • Emergency service – If you have left it last minute to arrange your trip, Check-in Pal can assist, simply select the priority or emergency call back option.we will contact you over the phone in minutes.(Emergency call back option) Emergency service is available up to 2 ½ hours prior to flight departure 24hrs a day 7 days a week. For less emergency situations select our priority call back option to guarantee that you are called back the same day. ( priority call back) 
Why should I use Check-in Pal?

Check-in Pal has been developed to provide customers with a hassle free travel experience. Our fast service, honest, reliable and friendly staff ensure that organizing your trip is easy. Our fees are significantly cheaper than airline penalties that you would incur at the airport if you do not organize your travel arrangements properly. We don’t have a premium rate number to call, unlike some airline's, in fact we call you back! So if you’re unable to check in or amend your booking for any reason, such as you:

  • Don't have access to a computer,

  • Have no internet access to check in or make an amendment to your booking,
  • Have better things to do than search for an internet café on your holiday,
  • Don't know how to check in with your airline, 

  • Can't print your boarding pass, 

  • Have left it last minute to check in, 

  • Have lost your boarding pass,

  • Are struggling to find a way to check in for your return flight, 

  • Are worried that you're going away for more than 15 days (or are away during your check-in window) and wont be able to check in for your return flight, 

  •  Don't know how to add additional baggage, musical instruments or sports equipment to your booking,

  • Need help organising airport transfers,

  • Require assistance booking designated seating or priority boarding
  • Or simply do not have the time to organise your travel arrangements

Then you should use Check-in Pal

How can i contact check in pal?

Check in pal is primarily an online service but does aknowledge that in some extreme circumstances you may have a need to contact us.
Please email us on:

By phone

*(only for customers who have already requested a call back or made an instruction)

Mon-fri 9-6pm   GMT
Sat-Sun 10-6pm GMT

We appreciate that you may not always have access to the internet during your travels, that's why we have launched Text in pal.

Simply save our duty mobile number to your contacts and we are only a text away! You can text us from anywhere in the world and we will call you back.

Please state the call back type you require below, along with the contact number you wish to be called back on , including your countries dialling code if different to the number you are texting from.:

*Standard-upto 48hours                (free)
*Priority - same day call back        (£2.99 fee applies)
*Emergency-call back in minutes  (£4.99 fee applies)

Outside UK
  • Standard- up to 48 hours call back - £3.99
  • Priority Same day call back guarantee - £4.99
  • Emergency call back in minutes - £6.99

*Associated fees will be processed at the time of call back.

Text +447407 031 828

*Please note calls will not be accepted on this number, this is purely a global texting service.

*Priority service operates :
9am - 5pm Mon-Fri
10am-5pm Sat-Sun

*Emergency call back service:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.